Don’t be like them,
be like      

You can always expect time with me to be fun and filled with silly laughter (fingers crossed). As someone who has always struggled with my self esteem and being comfortable in front of the camera, I make it my mission to make sure my clients love themselves and their photos. My approach is carefully curated and adjusted to every client’s needs and this is what makes me different.


I am a massive goof ball that rambles on and this (tends) to put people at ease. You will hear me shout GORGEOUS, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, YAASSS as I obsess over your pictures directly from behind the camera. I genuinely care about each and every single of my couples, and so I will chat away during their sessions. I want to know it all, how did you meet, what do they like and enjoy doing? I want them to feel like I am a friend there by their side, and maybe even a bestie after the wedding.

Sessions with me
are easy-peasy!


With a gentle push from family

& encouraging support from a close friend, all of this has been possible. I studied photography in college, but somehow fell into the world of hospitality. In 2016 I reached out to a friend who I studied with, to see if I could assist her. She kindly took me under her wing, and here we are now..

I love fantasy

 I am obsessed with anything fantasy related; vampires, magic the lot and sometimes a gribbing murder mystery.(Harry Potter is up there together with my guilty pleasure that is the entire Twiligh Saga!)

Exploring, yay!

I adore traveling and exploring new cultures

Huge Foodie

As a daughter of a chef it would be rude not to mention that I am a massive foodie. If there’s good food I will be there!

They're the best!

 Sloth’s are my spirit animal, I even have a tattoo of one. 

We collect vinyls!

My husband and I share a passion for live music in particular. We collect vinyls and still go to festivals 

Once we send you a custom
quote, we support you the whole
way! Once our contract and
invoice are paid, it’s game on!

Getting you booked

After inquiring, please allow 
48 hrs to schedule out a call.
During this call we chat all 
the deets about your big day!

Having a chat

THE BIG DAY! I am so much
more than just your photographer.
I am with you to hold your dress, or offer a tissue for a happy tear.

You’re hitched

My spare time is filled with bottomless brunches with my friends (normally followed by shameless dancing to 90’s POP and R&B), late nights watching films with my husband, dog walks, gigs or a long pub session. I’m what I call Extrovert/Introvert so one weekend you will find me at an Indie festival, and the next reading a book and drinking liters of earl-gray tea.

Bottomless brunches
and friendship!