Don’t be like them,
be like      

Pleasure to meet you. My whole vibe is making sure you’re feelin’ yourself on your wedding day (both in the Beyoncé meaning of knowing you look smokin’ hot and the non-Beyoncé meaning of feeling like YOU), and a huge part of that is you feeling totally comfortable. So it only seems fair that I tell you a bit about myself, doesn’t it?


who’s also passionate about food, animals, travel and naps (if a day includes all of them, I know I’ve peaked). I was born and lived in Poland until I moved to London at the age of 10, where I’ve called my home ever since. Fun, colourful weddings are my jam – or my peanut butter, or even my Marmite, whatever you prefer on your toast – and I love working with the magic makers and vibe chasers planning a wedding day that’s unmistakably them. (Even those who don’t love to be in front of the camera – don’t worry, I’ve got you too!) 

I’m Natalia, a creative wedding & elopement photographer

Celebrating you for who you are

Despite studying photography when I was younger, I landed a career in hospitality. Further down the line and needing a creative hobby, I picked up a camera again, and felt a part of me light up that hadn’t lit up in years. Over 200 weddings later, I still feel exactly the same whenever I see a new enquiry in my inbox, or when I wake up on a wedding morning, knowing I’m about to capture some timeless memories for some incredible people.


Music is a huge part of my life and over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see some epic bands, from the Maccabees to Spice Girls and the Arctic Monkeys to Fleetwood Mac. If I'm not at a gig or a wedding, you’ll probably find me at home listening to vinyl.  


Whichever way round you want to say it, I love being out and about exploring with my loved ones just as much as I love curling up on the sofa with my husband, my dog and a nice cup of Earl Grey. 


And from a big family, too, so I’m extra sensitive to people’s different needs and comfort levels. You’re in safe hands!

They're the best!

 Sloth’s are my spirit animal, I even have a tattoo of one. 

It must be love!

The Beatles sang it best: all we need is love, and I get to capture it forever. How lucky am I?!

I’ll send your bespoke quote, and be on hand to answer any questions and queries you might have. Then once the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, it’s game on! Whatever you need help with, I’m your gal.

Getting you booked

Once you’ve enquired, I’ll be back in touch within 48 hours to schedule a call. During this call we get to know each other, and chat all the deets about your big day!

Having a chat

 On the day, I am so much more than just your photographer; I’m there to hold your dress, offer a tissue for a happy tear, and everything in between.


From booking to best friends

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to dream. What would your ideal wedding day look like? Let’s get rid of all the shoulds, and zoom in on what you really want. After all, it’s a day all about love: so let’s give you the wedding your hearts desire.

Don’t be vanilla

P.s. as a prize for getting to the bottom of the page, here’s a fun secret: between you and I, I used to be a sushi chef. Just another skill I can whip out at your wedding day if required…